PSK METER Enclosure Upgrade

The basic PSKMETER enclosure comes with blank (un-machined) end panels. WIth this upgrade option, you get an end panel that has been pre-punched with a perfect DB-9 socket cut-out. No drilling, filing or sawing here. The only holes you need to drill are for the power plug and BNC. In addition, you get clear plastic rubber feet to finish your enclosure.


  • PSKMETER hardware designed to fit the end panel. End panel comes with professionally machined cut-out for the DB-9 connector.
  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS-94HB
  • Shown (but difficult to see): 4 clear rubberized plastic peel-off feet pads
  • Current version: N/A
  • List Price: $1.95
  • Technical Support: via email
  • To order: Click Here



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