What Our Customers are Saying...

"I started using Topaz over five years ago to satisfy a need to pass data between my Delphi application and another company's product. At the time I used MS Access as the back-end and they used the BDE. The last thing I wanted to do was to pile the BDE on top of the already gigantic MS Jet Engine. So, I bought Topaz to solve a very simple data transfer problem. I had no idea what a powerhouse I was getting for only $99, and a hardly noticeable increase in my EXE size. Soon Topaz became an integral part of several cool features in our application. To put this in perspective, the main program consists of nearly 300,000 lines of code with a handful of other support programs increasing the total to over 500,000 lines. The incredible performance of Topaz made it possible to implement features that otherwise would have been all but impossible. The nearly nose-bleed speed of Topaz Virtual Files permitted us to pump query results into memory tables where the user could browse, filter, and sort huge amounts of data to their hearts content, and never worry about damaging the "real" data. The Virtual Files turned out to be a great replacement for temporary hard drive files because they reside in the program's memory space. This made it possible to have a multi-user application run blindingly fast under Terminal Services, or Citrix as an ASP application. It's nice to have a single EXE that can run as a stand-alone, LAN, or web application. While performance is important, perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of Topaz is its stability. A couple of years ago we released an accounting add-on to our main application that simply could not tolerate data loss. Since we had never had a service call related to Topaz, we decided to use it for this very sensitive program. I am happy to say that we still have never had a report of data corruption, or any other kind of data loss. To put that into perspective, our application is sold to the end user. We have no control over the environment in which it is used. To my knowledge, there has never been a single case of lost data in the five years we have been using Topaz, and we have an estimated 2500 end users. More importantly, we have never had even one service call related to Topaz. I wish I could say that about the other database."

Homer W. Jones,
Ph.D. President
Agency Business Systems, Inc.

"I started dBaseII programming in 1982. I moved to Topaz quite early on since it bridged from my knowledge in dBase. I am not exactly sure in what year (maybe your records go back that far, mine don't), but I think I remember taking the Topaz and SayWhat manuals to a soccer game when my youngest son was in about first grade. He is graduating from college this year. If my math serves me correctly, that would put my first use of Topaz and Saywhat in about 1986 or 1987."

Mike Thaman, OH

"Isn't it great to get rid of the BDE and all its problems (size, version control, etc.) Now I can ship an installation created with InstallShield on ONE 1.44MB disk where it took 3 disks (even with a partial BDE distribution). Your component is fantastic!"

Gerry Durocher, Canada

"Well, I received TOPAZ from you and all I can say is WOW!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, and again... thank you. I haven't pushed the product yet, so this email may be a little premature, but the fact that I was able to get up and running in 15 minutes, make my first application in another 5 minutes, and then hook TOPAZ up to CGI-EXPERT to create a simple Web-based database application WITHOUT BDE in another couple of hours....... WOW!!!!!! Thank you. So far your product is ROCK solid and performs exactly as I had hoped."

James Durham, MD

"I'm addicted to Topaz! It is really a fine piece of software to create and maintain databases with Delphi!!!"

John van den Boogaard, The Netherlands

"I am very pleased with the simplicity of TOPAZ. Thanks. Soon another 10,000 or so computers in Texas will be using your database engine. Hopefully more!"

Johnnie Norsworthy, TX

"Thanks for making yet another superior product! I've had the new TOPAZ for just 24 hours, and I'm already putting it to work (the fun kind of work)! You people keep low profile, but you're a class act!"

Sonya Baran, WA

"Congratulations on an excellent product, TOPAZ is the best BDE Replacement I have ever seen."

Craig Parsons, UK

"Any question I have asked - you have answered! I love TOPAZ. We use it for things that you won't believe. Data Loggers, Persistent Queues and a whole series of other useful tools besides databases. Thank you for your invaluable and excellent support."

William T. D'Silva, Canada

"Your fast response to questions during the trial finalized my decision to buy."

Richard Smith, UK

"I had a chance to look at TOPAZ for Delphi. I have done over ten years of Clipper & Six (Successware) programming and now Delphi and Apollo. I must confess that I am pretty impressed by TOPAZ. The small size and one EXE with no BDE in sight is very appealing to me. TOPAZ is what Apollo promised to be."

Mehdi Shakeri

"I am an amateur Delphi programmer and just bought a copy of TOPAZ, which has truly simplified my life -- thanks!"

Harry I.Shuman, MD, MPH, IL

"Gentlemen, you are the greatest!! I thank you very much for answering my questions and giving me a concise and lucid explanation of what you think I ought to do. Previous to buying TOPAZ I bought a competitor's product. They are so inept at answering questions that I had to ask some questions three different ways. This caused them to tell me that they could not serve me and gave me my money back. It is a pleasure to deal with you."

M. Alvin Levy, GA

"Since i use topaz, the time i need to give support for my products has decreased about 70% compared to the old BDE-applications! So, thanx for good and easy-to-use product."

Juergen Mutz, Germany

"I then wrote my app using the Delphi's native support for dBASE III. I was pretty happy with myself when, on installation, I realized that I needed more than just the .EXE. Since then I've rewritten the app using TOPAZ and, yes, all problems went away.... And I am now very happy with your product."

Mike Packard, CA

"Kudos to you SSI, and your staff. You have done for Delphi, what Borland has done for Pascal and Windows applications. I really found your DOS library extremely useful, and count on having the same leverage, using TOPAZ with Delphi. The product is easy to use and asa far as I can tell, it works beautifully."

Thomas Mierau, OH

"On of the reasons that this dialog between us has been important is that it establishes a relationship between the customer and vendor. I think I read in TurboPower's Async manual that they consider their customers as "partners" - together working out bugs and satisfying customers. I think this is a good philosophy. Especially when the product (TOPAZ) is such an integral part of my software. I have been very pleased with your responses - in quickness, knowledge, and friendlyness. So, as I enter into the customer-vendor relationship, I do consider SSI my "partner". And, through these communications, it is apparent that you consider me a "valuable" customer."

Lynn Hart, PA

"Keep up good work!"

Clifford Morgan, NM

"Outstanding follow-up to a great tool!"

Ray Turner, OH

"TOPAZ is a terrific product...My Crossdown ClueBank app, which would have been impossible without TOPAZ, has actually been on the market for a few years and is currently going into version 3!"

Sam Bellotto Jr, NY

"Love your products. Have used them for years."

James A. Edgell, LA

"I was a beta-tester for this product. I'm really enjoying putting it to use in our new product. It will cut our development time in half. Keep adding components!"

Jim Bellis, VT


Robert Berminham, Australia

"Great product & support!"

Lee Marrette, LA

"As always, I very much look forward every time SSI comes up with an update; TOPAZ is especially impressive by its common sense, simplicity and briefness of the tutorials; when I try it I feel smarter even though I'm not a professional programmer."

Marcelo de la Serna, Ph.D., GA

"Superb! I especially like your use of the dBASE IV memo format !!!"

Dr. Norbert Hartkamp, Germany

"Very pleased that you are supporting Delphi. I have several apps that need to read/write dBASE files, but the BDE is several times larger than my applications! TOPAZ simplifies distribution of my applications."

Thomas W. Erickson, CA

"Love your products! - Now I am learning Delphi. Thanks for making my job easy !!!"

Wolodymyr Luciw, PA

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